• The 4th European Plastics Industry Summit will be hosted in Brussels and organised by the plastics industry for all key players: industries using plastics, retailers, policy-makers, NGOs, media and academia.

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  • Post-consumer plastic waste research & annual report

    Research done on an annual basis since 2005 to keep track of extensive and reliable data and information year by year, country by country, application by application

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  • Solutions to marine litter

    Global Plastics Associations Take Action on Marine Litter

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Did you know ?

  • compared to alternative materials

    plastics applications tend to be easier to install

  • with plastics less material can be used

    than with other components

  • a plastic bumper usually weighs 50% less

    than one made of alternative materials

  • seat belts made of durable polyamide or polyester fibre

    have had a greater effect on reducing road casualties than any other safety feature?

  • plastics are the material of choice

    for a number of developments in the automotive sector